Kakey Mae Cupcakery

Family Owned Cupcake Business

Kakey Mae was born and raised in Germantown, Maryland. She graduated from University with a degree in Computer Sciences, although her true passion laid in baking.  After baking for friends, family and events and wowing everyone, Kakey Mae gave up her career and pursued her dream of baking specially made and delicious cupcakes.

In 2012 Kakey Mae moved to Houston, Texas and opened her business. Soon a small, word of mouth cupcake catering business was born and quickly became popular all over Houston. Still busy as a full time mom of three, Kakey is amazing the whole area with the fast pace of orders and growing business.


Kakey Mae


The real secret behind a lucrative business is passion and when it comes to that Kakey Mae is a woman of impetuous passion. With Kakey Mae’s dedication, attention to detail, and support from friends and neighbors this family owned business is growing profusely.


James Wyatt


Founder of hit online business BartendersOnWheels, James has always had a sweet tooth for his wife and her cupcakes. When she said she wanted to start this business he was on board and the first to support her. So now they make the perfect match in business, as they already did in married life. He provides the drinks, she provides the cake, so your party is always a hit.