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Classic Cupcakes

Embrace the classic flavors from Kakey Mae's homemade cupcakes. Nothing is more comforting than a taste from your childhood to remind you of your grandma's kitchen, made from fresh ingredients, Kakey-soul, and a whole lot of love.

Infused Cupcakes

If you like to satisfy those sugar cravings with a little extra kick, then infused cupcakes are for you! A beautiful friendship is made between spirits and cupcakes. Maybe a kiss of bourbon, a dash of rum, find which Infused Cupcake suits you.

Kakey's Cakes

There is nothing that says party more than CAKE! Kakey Mae also brings to you a variety of delicious and stunning cakes. There are cakes for every occasion, and if you are looking for something in particular, you can customize your cake.

Custom Orders

With Kakey Mae's Cupcakes, you can design your own cupcake! We can customize your cupcakes to your liking, from ingredients, decoration, size, and theme. Have a special event that needs special sweets? Check out all of our options!

About Kakey Mae


Kakey Mae is a married mother of three kids who traded her career to pursue her passion. After wowing her friends, family, and co-workers with beautiful and tasty delicacies, she finally turned her talents over for the world to enjoy. We serve the Greater Houston area, bringing delicious cupcakes to your front door. If you want to see where the magic happens, come pick them up yourself, our door is always open.


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Remember when you used to watch your grandma' make dessert? These recipes passed down from generations will give you that piece of home.
Order any holiday-themed cupcakes from Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas and Easter to make your holidays more festive and fun.
Celebrate a loved ones birthday by ordering a cake from Kakey Mae! We make traditional birthday cakes or can tailor the cake to the birthday person!
Celebrating a promotion? Maybe a wedding anniversary? Planning a baby shower? Or perhaps just because its Friday, Kakey Mae's cupcakes can be customized to suit all themes!
Gluten-intolerant? Any allergies? Not a fan of licorice? That's okay! With Kakey Mae's cupcakes we can build custom-made cupcakes based on your ingredients and preference.
You will find healthy and natural ingredients that make Kakey Mae's cupcakes delicious and hard to resist.

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